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Short Video of Glider Flying at Marfa, Texas

Burt’s Drums and Gliders — a one minute promo filmed at Marfa Gliders by the renown Anchorfield video production team from California that specializes in commercials.  See more at

Soaring Safety Foundation Checkride Video Links    (filmed at Marfa, TX)

These short videos that we produced for the Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) describe the requirements in the FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS) for specific tasks for a Glider category Practical Test (“checkride”) with a FAA Examiner or a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE.)   Burt Compton is a DPE at Marfa.

The videos are primarily for pre-checkride preparation (“polishing”) and assume that the applicant already knows how to fly the maneuvers.   Common student/applicant errors are included.

While the requirements for the tasks in the videos are for the Commercial Glider checkride, these tasks are also required for the Private and Certificated Flight Instructor-Glider checkrides.  The tolerances for the Commercial and CFIG (smooth application of the flight controls, speed control, angles of bank, accuracy landing) generally require more precise flying than for the Private Glider checkride.  

For the CFIG checkride, the applicant “teaches” these tasks to the FAA Examiner or DPE by explaining and demonstrating the tasks to Commercial standards.

Boxing the Wake

Slack Line Recoveries

Slips to Landing

Obtain and read the applicable FAA Practical Test Standards at

Note the important information in the Introduction section of the PTS.